Saturday, July 9, 2016

This Means War!

"This means war!" Is the statement I hear being yelled from my boys room in the afternoons. There is a serious battle going on daily in Legoland. I love hearing how they are the good guys and the bad guys are "going down". I wish they could stay little forever. I wish they would never lose their innocence. But I have to remember God has a bigger plan for each of my kids. His plan involves them growing up day by day to become the Godly men and woman He has called them to be. They don't understand it yet but they will get to battle for the rest of their lives, just not with Legos. The spiritual battle that they fight will never stop. It's a daily fight against the flesh and the evils of this world. But they don't have to fight it alone. That's where Robert and I step in to fight with them.    Hudson is our oldest and will be going into 5th grade. Over the past year we have seen the struggle of keeping our son shielded from the sin of this world. Satan wants to steal my kids innocence, he wants to destroy their child like faith, he wants to teach my kids the ways of the world before I get God's truth into them. You see he is just waiting for me to become confident in my parenting skills and cocky with my rules of being a strict mom but yet a "fun" mom. When I get comfortable and relaxed is when he makes his first move. You never see it coming because you are too busy patting yourself on the back for being good Christian parents. Ugh, he is so sneaky and knows just when to catch me off guard.  Here is the truth. I can't protect my kids from all the evil in this world. It's not possible. But I can equip my kids with Gods truth (no matter how young) and teach them to flee from evil. Reading Gods Word to them daily, praying over them at night and taking them to church is like boot camp. It's getting them ready for the big battles of this world. Talking with them about sex, porn, homosexuality, drugs, alcohol  (even though it's awkward) can open up the door of communication with them. I want my kids to hear about those things and how God views them from me not the kids at school or even at church. But most importantly we need to pray for our kids. We need to ask God to show us where we are letting Satan come in and hangout with our kids. It could be the music they listen to, the video games they play, the movies they watch or the kids they hang out with. I want the Holy Spirit to give me discernment about how to talk to my kids and what they need to know about God's standards. I pray for their strength in hard times and growth through bad things that happen. I am their mom but I am also their sister in Christ and I will be a prayer warrior for them till my last breathe! Robert and I have learned so much these last 10 years of being parents and we know there is so much more to come so we are ready to fight...on our knees...cause this means war!!!!!  

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